cider house in corduroy


it’s been a mild fall, but lately we’ve had a few days with just a bit of nip in the air…perfect weather for a new cider house jacket!!  the brushed cotton one i made for the photo shoot was just a bit too big, although i think it will be great with a sweater.  but i wanted one to wear to quilt market and for fall days just like the ones we’ve been experiencing.  so i made a corduroy version….and i love it!!

i’ve had this corduroy in my stash for a while, just waiting for the right pattern.  i fell in love with the color and the print and hoped that it would work well for the cider house jacket.  i began the jacket, but then decided that it needed just a little something to show off the seam lines…my favorite detail of the jacket.  so i added a tiny bit of lining fabric in each seam and it worked!!  i sort of forgot to lengthen the sleeve….i “need” a nice long sleeve, so instead of finishing the sleeve facing ‘correctly’, i turned it back leaving just a bit showing on the outside (to match the seam lines of course!).  again, it worked!




i like it best with black jeans…makes that blue really pop!  but it goes with everything and it’s going to see a lot of wear.

have a wonderful thanksgiving.  preparations here have begun and i’m so looking forward to it.  i have so much to be thankful for.  stop by friday for a sweet surprise…something to help you check off a few of those gifts on your list, or maybe just to pamper yourself.




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