treat your tootsies with a free pattern

i truly meant to post this last night…but i have to admit that once my “seat” hit a seat i was done for!  i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and that those of you who participate in black friday are finding some amazing deals.  as for me, i cherish the friday after thanksgiving since my house is still relatively clean, there are tons of leftovers so i don’t have to cook, and the day is wide open….free to sew, knit, read, or do absolutely nothing at all!!

so, about this free pattern.  i was invited to help danica at sew liberated build, man and disassemble her booth at fall quilt market.  it was a fantastic experience!  we had also been asked by shannon fabrics to teach a schoolhouse session class.  as a part of that class, danica asked me to design some smallish pattern that used some of shannon fabrics great fabrics and this slipper pattern is the result.

pitter-patter soft slipper

this pair was my prototype.  unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures of the ones i made for the booth.  what i love about this pattern is that you can change it up easily….using a plain exterior?  add some embroidery.  add rice-rac or trim around the top edge, add some buttons, or even piece your exterior fabric for a quilted look.

shannon’s cuddle suede is perfect for the soles.  i used regular cotton on this pair, but used the suede for all the other samples and much prefer it.  it’s easy to work with and gives a natural bit of “grip”.  since it’s hard to adhere fusible interfacings to the suede i simply cut the interfacing, placed it on the wrong side of the suede and added a few rows of stitching to hold it in place.  the interior used their cuddle fabric (softness beyond belief!) and the exteriors were cotton and double gauze.

i originally used fleece and batting in the soles, but have since discovered 2 great alternatives.  soft and stable by Annie’s, and flex-foam by pellon. all my holiday gift slippers will use one of these to add just a bit more padding.

i hope you enjoy the pattern.  to download it, go to our tutorials page and click on the highlighted text. it’s graded for 5 sizes (the medium is size 7) so you can make a pair for yourself and everyone on your gift list!  i’d love to see pictures of all the completed slippers…hope you’ll share!






2 thoughts on “treat your tootsies with a free pattern

    • sarah,
      for some reason it appears that many of the links aren’t working today even though I’ve corrected them several times!! I finally got the free pattern link to work, both from the post AND from the tutorials page. go to the tutorials page and click on the highlighted text under the slipper picure. if you still have problems, email me at . hope you enjoy the pattern!!

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