lemon squeeze down under

a while back i was wasting time researching on the internet and randomly typed in “summer jazz dress”.  up popped the site of lorelie, blogger extraordinaire in the land down under.  i immediately contacted her and asked if i could share her beautiful version of the dress here, and she graciously agreed.  a few emails later, we’re officially “internet friends” and i’m now a regular reader of her blog craftsmumship.  she appears to be a ‘regular mom’, but in reality she has boundless energy, killer crafting/cooking/sewing/knitting/party planning skills….and i just realized i don’t really like her all that much:)

when the lemon squeeze cardigan was almost ready to release, i asked if she’d like to make one and let me know what she thought…again, she graciously agreed.  last night i received an email from lorelie letting me know she had made the cardigan and blogged about it.  and here it is…


i know it’s hard to concentrate on the cardigan with a picture this beautiful, but i like to think that it’s the cardigan that MAKES it beautiful…well that plus a beautiful model and perfect setting!

pop on over to her blog to see what she thought about the cardigan (spoiler alert…she likes it!!)

if you’ve made one, please share….i’d love to see all the fabric choices!



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