the holidays smell like anise

my husband is italian. he grew up with some amazing traditions, like making homemade ravioli at his grandma’s on new years (which i haven’t attempted YET) and pizzelle’s for christmas.  my mother-in-law would manage the preparations and the iron while my father-in-law would sit beside her trimming the cookies as they came off the iron.

many years ago my mother-in-law passed along her recipe and invited me to “help” in order to learn her secrets.  and several years ago i began sharing with my son’s girlfriend (the amazing) amy.  now each year we get together for “pizzelle day”, still using my mother-in-laws tips, which include softening the anise with the addition of a few extra flavorings, the necessary tablecloth on which to place the hot cookies and most importantly, using an ice tea spoon to scoop the dough.  i’m convinced that they simply wouldn’t taste the same if i used a plain old teaspoon!!



friday was “pizzelle day” and i looked forward to it all week long….there is nothing better than a cup of coffee and a pizzelle!  of course a few fresh cookies were deemed “unacceptable” or “ugly” and we were forced to eat them on the spot…that can be a tradition too can’t it??


so bring on the holidays (and some hot coffee)…i’m armed wih a few hundred pizzelles!!




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