adios 2015


it was a year…and what a year it was.  2015 was the year when it all started coming together.  snapdragon studios was no longer a newborn, but entering toddlerhood…a bit wobbly on my feet at times, but beginning to explore this new world.  i thought it would be good to look back and see a few of the highlights of the year before moving on and planning for 2016.

  • so…4 new patterns released!!  the lemon squeeze cardigan, on the run bag, heigh-ho laptop sleeve and the cider house jacket all came out late in 2015.
  • 2 of our patterns were chosen by to be offered as kits.
  • another design for dear stella fabrics (the essential spring basket) was completed.
  • new virtual friends were made
  • quilt market in Houston was attended…devoured and enjoyed!
  • there was some cooking done, some gardening shared, some reading reviewed and craft projects completed and shared.

it was a good year.  i always hate new years…saying goodbye to a year that i “know” and venturing into a new one.  but this year i’m making plans (nope, not resolutions!) for the year to come, and i’ll be sharing both some business plans and some personal ones in the next few days.

happy new year!!  may it be a healthy, happy, full year for all of us.




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