into the year

i don’t make resolutions.  i’ve tried and failed, so no more.  each year, and especially this fresh new year i will strive to be better.   even those things i’ve never tried before….just better.  not perfect….not even “good”, just better.

i’ve spent a bit of time thinking about what i want from this new year, both for the business and personally.  where i’d like to be at the end of the year….a mere several hundred days from now. the list isn’t huge (although i’m sure it will evolve as those days go by), and i think i’m being pretty realistic….keepin it simple!

on the business side:  this year i move forward with snapdragon studios alone.  elizabeth is devoting more time to her young family along with some other exciting ventures, so i am now the sole owner.  you’ll still hear from elizabeth, as she will continue to blog occasionally and she’ll still be adding her talents to new designs.  it all started because she texted “why not”….i’m moving forward asking that same question!  here’s what i plan to accomplish this year.

  • release 2 spring patterns and a dress pattern this fall
  • blog more often and share more of my personal projects
  • strive to place my patterns in more retail shops
  • attend quilt market in the fall (who am i kidding??  i’m going, no question!!)
  • host a “handmade holiday swap” in collaboration with my friend danica of sew liberated next christmas season

totally doable!!

and on the personal side:

  • more personal sewing (not just mock ups and samples of my patterns!)
  • create a more cohesive wardrobe (snapdragon patterns work really well together….i just never seem to plan my fabric choices in advance)
  • work through my relatively small stash…and then replenish it.  seriously, i have a pretty small stash, but i need to use it before i can justify more.
  • visit more brick and mortar shops….which means traveling just a bit (i’m okay with that!)  suggestions are more than welcome!
  • get up close and personal with my serger.  i’ve owned it for quite some time, but only seem to use it when i’m “forced” to.  this may mean taking a class, or maybe simply spending some quality time together (like a coffee date).  i want to feel as comfortable with my serger as i am with my regular machine.

i’m optimistic…isn’t that what january is all about?  and i’m going to be better.









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