Recipe tea towels

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were lovely and that you are looking forward to a fantastic 2016.


I wanted to share one of the Christmas projects I did this year that would be good for almost any occasion. I came across the idea on Sew Mama Sew and then a little more searching turned up Martha Stewart’s tutorial for recipe tea towels. I played around with both layouts and liked Martha’s version better.

I borrowed some recipes from my mom and aunt that were in family members’ handwriting and settled on two recipes from my great grandma (baked apples and apple pudding), one from my grandma (her signature lemon meringue pie) and my great aunt (pecan pie- my mom’s favorite). I won’t belabor the design part since I just followed the tutorials listed above and had the fabric printed by Spoonflower, but in case the interwebs need another tutorial for hemming a square or rectangle here is how I did it.*


Iron a crease around the image.


Cut off the corners at a 45 degree angle about 1/2″ from the corner of your image, then fold that corner in and iron a crease. Repeat for each corner.


Re-iron your original fold on all sides.


Turn the raw edge under to hide it in your fold and press. Repeat for all sides.


Your corners should look like this.


Pin twill tape, ribbon or ric-rack across the top left corner at a 45 degree angle with the ends in your seam allowance for a hanging loop.


Stitch around the perimeter and you’re done! (Ignore the weird tension issues in my seam above. I stitched from the top and didn’t notice the tension problem until I had finished stitching this one.)


Enjoy your finished tea towels!


I made eight (two yards of printed fabric), which was enough for my mom and her sisters, my sister, sister-in-law, cousin and cousin-in-law to have one with one left over for me. They were a hit and I am itching to make more

What were some of the handmades that went over the best in your family this year?



2 thoughts on “Recipe tea towels

    • Thanks! It’s so satisfying to both my nostalgia and also my wish to mostly have useful things rather than just decorations in my house. And if they get too well used to be nice anymore I can always print more!

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