jaws ate the pencils!

i made very few gifts for christmas this year…fewer than normal and the ones i did make were small ones.  i loved elizabeth’s tea towels!!  i’ve already made a note to make those for mother’s day (mom…avert your eyes!).

adult coloring books were definitely the “hot” gift this year, and the girls in my life each got them.  amy received tula pinks book along with an ocean themed one while brittany got one with tattoo designs since she is beautifully inked.  i made each of them a pencil case to hold their colored pencils, but i had a difficult time letting this one go.


jaws!!!  i spotted this pattern and tutorial quite a while ago, but knew that i HAD to make it to hold amy’s pencils.  it was quite simple until i got to the zipper.  i had read the comments from other makers, so i was aware that the zipper posed some issues.  in the end, i widened his mouth a bit and hand basted the zipper in place…then added the lining separately. it worked, and i love his big mouth!!


it’s safe to go back in the water…just don’t carry any pencils!



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