last minute lotion bars

while searching for something quick and different to make as stocking stuffers for the girls in my family i came across this great tutorial from melissa of mellysews.  i’ve always enjoyed making soap (from lye and oils, not the melted glycerin variety), lip gloss, sugar rubs and all those wonderfully girlie, good smelling things…so melissa’s lotion bars struck a chord and i dove in.  not familiar with lotion bars??  pretty simple concept…take a shower, rub lotion bar over skin.  the heat of your body will soften the bar.


surprisingly i found everything i needed in my closet, with the exception of scent.  i only had cranberry and lemongrass on hand and just couldn’t imagine rubbing cranberry all over my body after a shower…..might work….might not.  it was too late to order anything, so i used the lemongrass.  i went light on the scent and on the second batch i went totally scent-less.  (and i think each and every recipient KNEW that but sniffed anyway!!)

i used a regular muffin tin as a mold and it worked just fine…although it did require quite a bit of really hot water to get the oil residue out.  i’ll keep my eyes open for a silicone mold of some sort at a thrift shop.

melissa’s tutorial included these adorable bags with fusible vinyl lining….but since i was working late at night (and very close to gift giving day) i opted for simple packaging in plastic bags, trimmed down and tied with ribbon.

wishing now that i had photographed the process…or even the finished product….what i do have is a shot of the smaller “leftovers” that i kept for myself.  scratch ‘n sniff would be cool right now!




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