keepin the babies warm

i have 2 babies arriving soon…both girls.  don’t get me started on finding out the sex of babies before their birth…let’s just say if god wanted us to know, we’d be pregnant on the outside!!  i must admit that i knew my third boy was a boy early on, but it was an accidental discovery.  as my doctor was explaining his ‘strange’ position i recognized a “certain part” that gave it away.  anyhoo….2 wee girls will soon join the family and i decided that it was my job to keep them warm and cozy.  thus…baby sweaters.  gotta love knitting baby sweaters…the yarn is soft and pretty….and it’s not a huge time commitment.  before you have a chance to be bored with the project, it’s done!!


the tweedy grey one before weaving in the ends.


they joined each other for a quick dip with a bit of “soak”.


a little blocking and it’s on to the fun of buttons!

i tried a few combinations…white pearl buttons, plain pink, plain white, pink bunnies, white bunnies, pink bows…and finally decided that i loved the little pink bows on the grey one and the white bunnies on the scandinavian.


and they’re ready for wrapping!!  the grey is going to my niece and the scandinavian to my cousin.  now i’m thinking that i may need to make some socks for those tiny little feet.



3 thoughts on “keepin the babies warm

  1. This might be a really silly question but I’m knew to knitting proper patterns, it’s interesting to see the soaking before blocking, how wet are they when you’re blocking them? Thank you! x

    • depending on the project I usually put them in a cool bath with soak soap, let them sit for about 10-15 minutes, swish them around a bit, then rinse them. never wring!! then I put them on a towel and roll it to take most of the water out. they’re still pretty damp when I block them, but not dripping. sometimes it takes a couple of “rolls in the towels” to get the water out!!

      • Thank you, I tried blocking with a damp towel over the pieces but didn’t find it very successful. I’ll definitely give this ago for the next project 🙂

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