last of the christmas projects

a few days before christmas i was scrolling through my instagram feed and saw that someone (sorry…wish i had noted who it was!  thanks for the inspiration!) had made several of these cute little triangle pouches.  forgetting ignoring that i had a ton of things already on my to-do list for the day, i headed down to the studio to play with the idea.  i figured it couldn’t be TOO hard….they’re little triangles!!  actually, they are rectangles, and i was correct….they weren’t hard…but they were addictive!!  i planned to make 3…one for each of the girl stockings…and finally stopped after an even dozen, mostly because i ran out of zippers.  i’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere, but i just sort of winged it.


i didn’t realize until i was done that every single pouch was made with dear stella fabric scraps that were left from making fabric baskets….sweet!!

one last pouch…this one for amy, lover of all things water and fish, made from fish fabric that i’ve had in the stash just waiting for a great project to come along.  there’s still plenty of that fabric left…let me know if you have a project idea i could use it for!


so…they ended up in everyone’s stockings!!  the great nieces got a few goodies tucked inside…lip gloss, coins and a hankie that originally belonged to their great-great grandmother (they may not appreciate them now, but someday they will).

i’m keeping the pea pods!



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