equal time rule

lest you think there is only one small girl in my life, i bring you equal time for hannah!!  i’ve always wanted to nickname her “frank” because of her big ‘blue eyes’, but it never really stuck.  perhaps a better name for her would be “star”….this girl loves to perform!!

last year at her tap recital she was the consummate performer on stage, nailing each step and glowing in the spotlight.  afterward she accepted her bouquets with the grace of an accomplished broadway actress.  a bit of humility blended with the knowledge that she belonged on that stage.

while bug lives to be the daring young girl on the flying trapeze, hannah will sing and dance her way into your heart, take a bow, and instruct you to exclaim “bravo”!  she’s the dress up girl, the one who knows the value of fluttering eyelashes, and i’m convinced that i’ll be spending considerable time exclaiming bravo in the coming years.


the men in her life (my father, her father) are wrapped around her 4 year old finger.  (notice the tiara and wings??)

and her great aunt is quite the fan as well.  maybe i should start now and form a fan club!!


equal press time hannah dear…your adoring public awaits your next performance!




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