saying goodbye

saturday morning my family said goodbye to my father-in-law, jim ventura.  he was 92 years old and the last few years had not been good for him.  while we are relieved to know that he is no longer lost or suffering, that does not make it easier to say goodbye.

jim was a part of my life for 40 years, my father-in-law for 38 of them.  we didn’t always see eye to eye.  at times i think we were competing for my husbands favor.  but he mellowed and i matured and we found our common ground.  strangely, we hit our stride when his alzheimer’s became worse.  at times, not remembering that i was a daughter-in-law, we would have long conversations about our lives.  he would ask if i was married, if i had children and when i showed him pictures of my sons (the grandsons he could no longer remember) he declared them “handsome young men”…”lucky to have me as a mother”.

i will be absent for a little while, taking time to be with family, remembering jim.

jim ventura


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