Noodlehead’s Caravan Tote and sewing lessons

I’m dropping in to share a sewing project my sister and I worked on last weekend.

She has been talking about learning to sew for a bit now, and she wanted a new school bag, so when she came across Noodlehead’s pattern for the Caravan Tote it seemed like the time had come. She chose her fabric and we took over our parents’ basement for a Sunday afternoon and when we were all done she had a snazzy new bag.


We didn’t have any issues with construction, and she sewed almost the whole thing herself. I think I did the curved seams on the front pocket because she was nervous about making them even, but otherwise she was on it.






Not bad for a first project!  What was your first sewing project? I think mine was a skirt for a Renaissance costume because I am extremely hip like that. 🙂



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