a project for camelot

there hasn’t been much sewing happening in my studio of late….altering suits and shortening sleeves on dress shirts doesn’t really count as creative sewing in my book!  i’m back to it now but am befuddled as to how one week away can put me two weeks behind?

first up on the cutting table was a project for camelot fabrics.  this little pilates/yoga strap has been in the snapdragon vaults for a while now and camelot would like to have it as a free pattern for the website!  it will be a while before all the formatting is completed on their end, but watch for this cute free pattern “coming soon” to camelot fabrics.

they sent me this lovely fabric to work with…


in real life (and not my poor photography) it’s a blue/lavender with sky blue lines…just right for the narrow straps.

and after just 1/2 hour of magic (it truly is a super fast project), it turned into this.


from the vaults, a few shots of earlier samples.

i’ll post an update once it goes up on the camelot website.



2 thoughts on “a project for camelot

  1. Oooh love it! I bought a yoga mat to give to my personal trainer for Christmas and was going to make one of these to go with it. Umm it’s still sitting in the cupboard. Might have to try your pattern. xo

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