suffering with sss (second sock syndrome)

i’ve heard of it.  i’ve pitied knitters who suffer with it.  i’ve never truly experienced it.

second sock syndrome…that moment when the first sock is off the needles (and perfect), and you realize you have to do it again!!  i know, i know…i could simply knit my socks 2 at a time, but i have a system rut that i follow.  one at a time on double points.  i’ve considered changing it up from time to time, but i’m usually in the middle of a project when those thoughts rise up and it’s easy to put it off.  i have big plans to start socks on circulars using the magic loop method…but first i need to finish that second sock.

it’s finally happened….after all these years.  i’m dreading the second sock!  so much so in fact that i’ve knit 2 “first socks” trying to avoid it…..different socks who are in need of a mate…and i’m avoiding making them both.  hard as i try, i can’t seem to finish those second socks.  i have a perfectly good excuse for one….i’ve forgotten which cast off i used and need to research it.  very convincing, right??  of course i COULD be finishing the sock portion, leaving all but the cast off….but where’s the sense in that?  the “second” 2nd sock is about halfway done (shouldn’t i be feeling gratification by this point??) but i find myself picking it up nearly every evening with something close to loathing….not good for me OR the sock!!

having never experienced this before i’m at a loss….what’s happened??  have i lost my knitting mojo?  am i just old?  don’t i realize that i NEED these socks??  and to top it off…wait for it…i cast another project on the needles!!!  soooo unlike me, but the countess mitts kept whispering promises in my ear…they wooed me away.

i suppose i should feel a twinge of guilt.  perhaps admonish myself for my lack of “follow throughitiveness”, but i figure this too shall pass.  those socks will be in the drawer soon enough…for now i’ll flaunt my new found romance with the mitts.


One thought on “suffering with sss (second sock syndrome)

  1. I have only knit one pair of socks and the second sick turned out at least an inch shorter than the other. That disaster has kept me from ever knitting another pair of socks– but I’m quite sure I would end up having second sick syndrome if I ever do work up the nerve to knit another pair.

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