rumors of my demise

february was.  it just was.  i was sick.  nothing serious and life threatening, just sick.  the cough that everyone else had came to visit along with a fever….a high fever.  the kind that makes you scared that you might die, and then makes you hope that you will!!  the kind of fever that makes your eyes jiggle, your ears quit working, and leaves you in a puddle on the floor…unable to even crawl to bed.  since it wasn’t really the flu and it wasn’t really a cold, i’m naming it the “flaming crud“.  and that’s what i had.  and while the actual flaming part lasted only a few days, the crud has hung on, and on, and on.

and so instead of working in the studio, i’ve spent a great deal of time curled up in my oversized chair napping (you heard me…napping!!)  no reading, no knitting…just napping.  it’s been a month now and the napping has ended.  energy is beginning to return to something near normal.  the new pattern is now a month behind schedule as well as a few other projects that were scheduled to be released this month.  i haven’t worried about it one bit, so it must all be good.

i sat down over the weekend and made a to-do list, tallied it up and discovered that there were eleventy-seven things on it.  i promptly decided to leave them undone and make an infant romper for a brand new great niece.  i’ll share it as soon as it’s complete.  i think something “fun” is just what the doctor ordered!!

and while I was napping, this happened!!

DSCN6697spring is here!!


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