me made may

are you Instagram users?  if not, you really need to set up a free account and start exploring.  i held back for quite a while, but i’m getting my footing and have found that not only is it fun to see what others are making and wearing, but it’s educational!!

this month is “me made may”.  users pledge to wear handmade clothing each and every day and post pics of their makes.  i’m sure that some see it as a way to share show off their wardrobes, some see it as a way to find inspiration to add to theirs…but i was a little surprised when i found that by wearing and photographing my makes i’ve found that i’m rethinking my wardrobe.

first off…if you know me you know that i ABHORE having my picture taken.  i avoid it like a colonoscopy….nope, i take that back…the colonoscopy was easier!!  there will be no video montage at my funeral…hard to do with only about 5 pictures!  but i’ve challenged myself to do it…take the hated “selfie” every day and post them.  it’s getting relatively easier because i realize that there are lots of others with the same phobia.  and when i really started looking at what i was wearing i found that my choices weren’t what i thought they were.

i’ve also been reading the curated closet by anuschke rees, which is described as “a simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe”.  admittedly i haven’t finished the book yet, but so far i’m stumped.  it asked you to define ‘your’ style…huh??  ‘your’ colors…again, huh?  but pairing the book with me made may has got me thinking, pondering, questioning.  in trying to dress to accentuate the positive and eliminate hide the negative (a little shout out to bing for those who remember the song!) i’ve pretty much been doing just the opposite.  exploring what others are wearing is helping me find that ‘your’ style!!  it’s helped me find the holes in my wardrobe (need more simple tops…and definitely some pants besides jeans!).  and i now have a list of about 25 patterns that i “need” to try out…okay, that may be a down side!

if you already follow me on Instagram…yay!!  if not, go set up that account, follow me @ohsnapdragonstudios along with tons of other sewists to see what everyone is wearing.  even without posting your own lovely selfies i’m sure you’ll be inspired.


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