the big move

it’s been a long time coming, but i have officially launched a brand new website!!  same address, but a whole new look….and mobile friendly!!  my blog will now be a part of my website and i hope you’ll follow along there.  i will slowly be moving some of my favorite old posts from this blog to the new site…probably very slowly, so bear with me.  eventually you’ll be able to access all my tutorials and free patterns….and until then they will still be available here.

as always, you can follow me on facebook and istagram @ohsnapdragonstudios.

see you all at my new home!



Time and Space

You thought I was going to go all Stephen Hawking on you for a minute there, didn’t you?

Don’t worry – the extent of my physics knowledge is a hazy recollection of the time travel explanation in Michael Crichton’s Timeline.

The time and space on my mind these days is much more terrestrial: my time, my space.

See, this week has been crazy.  Last week was kind of crazy.  For that matter, last month was pretty crazy, too.  And when things get crazy for me the thing that goes first is any kind of balance of time and space.


(This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with what I’m writing about, but I like it a lot, so here it is.  It’s one of Amy’s shots from the Snapdragon photoshoot last fall.)

I’m sure this is true for pretty much everyone, but I struggle with striking a good balance in my life between all of the commitments I take on, spending quality time with my family, keeping our home halfway decent and respecting the fact that I also need time to follow my own interests.  Sometimes it feels like it might be asking too much, but as long as we’re dreaming, sleep would be fancy, too.

Paul tells me that I do too much.  For example: this semester I’m teaching a class two days a week; working part-time at our local library the other three days a week; keeping up with church commitments; going to pilates two days a week so that I’m not just sitting around all the time like a bump on a log; starting a business (which currently means sewing samples of our upcoming patterns, organizing our testers, finally getting our website in shape to go live, arranging the photoshoots for the cover/ promo photos, wrapping up our logo and coordinating with our graphic designer for additional promotional materials, sending changes to our pattern grader and finalizing our patterns, learning how to PDF our designs for instant download, deciding on printers for our print patterns, blogging… I don’t know how people do this by themselves.  There’s no way I would be doing any of it if it weren’t for Kim.); plus attempting to spend a reasonable amount of quality time with Paul; not to mention parenting a 16 month old (… God help me) and nurturing new life and all that sort of thing.  Oh, and trying to keep up with the pet hair that the dog and cat shed incessantly.


It feels like a handful sometimes.

I really don’t mean for this to be a whiny post – I totally get that a lot of people are in this position and I’m not the first by a long shot.  This is more of a reminder to myself to be kind.  I’m done teaching at the end of April and we’re officially launching Snapdragon at Quilt Market in May.  Until then there are going to be weeks that the laundry backs up and the dust bunnies roll through my house like tumbleweeds.  There are going to be times (like tonight) when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep because of all the things rolling around my brain.  There will be projects on the list that don’t get done before the new baby comes in July.  It’s ok.  Breathe.  Focus on the important stuff.


The rest will come in time.