step 1: make a list

all through the holidays i was thinking about what i was going to sew in the new year.  i thought about it at work, i thought about it while cleaning, i thought about it before drifting off to sleep at night.  but i didn’t DO anything about it.

step 1:  make a list

i finally sat down in the studio and took a good look around.  there were patterns…there was fabric.  all i needed was a plan.  i really feel like i need to use some of the fabric i have on hand instead of hoarding saving it…so that’s where i started.

and here’s the short list of personal sewing for the remainder of the winter months.

  • summer jazz dress – amy purchased a beautiful knit a long time ago…it’s 1st on the list
  • finlayson sweater by thread theory – i have a great french terry i picked up in nyc and i think i’ll follow her sew-along (missed it in real time!)
  • marianne by christine haynes – i have the knit and it’s been here for a while
  • backpack – yes, i’m too old to carry a backpack, but i want one and you can’t stop me!
  • amy butler’s original messenger bag – my sister has been eyeing mine for months…better make her one before mine disappears
  • both the jade jacket and the willow tunic by kay whitt – the jade definitely will require a fabric purchase (silk!!), but i  can find something in the stash for the willow
  • birkin flares by baste and gather – i fell in love with them at first sight…and so admire all the testers for photographing their butts!  i just need the perfect denim…suggestions?  i’m sort of waiting for her sew-along for these, but don’t plan to wait tooooo long.

that should keep me busy for a while, along with regular studio work (continuing development of a new pattern!!) and some fun projects for the blog (new cushion for the wicker chair?)

step 1 – check!!  step 2: get to it!!

what’s on your cutting table at the moment?




4 thoughts on “step 1: make a list

  1. I’ve also been making lists. And making notes on fabric and patterns that I pull out of my stash. It helps me remember what I was going to use it for. My brain is so busy thinking of things to do that the lists help.
    Right now I am finishing a quilt for my husband and practicing my free motion quilting on it.
    Your knitting inspires me! I crochet and have knitted small items in the past and would love to be able to knit well. Do you have any tutorials that I could watch or do you recommend any? Thanks for the inspirations!

    • thanks for the kind words! I have lists for everything…including lists of lists!
      I learned to knit when I was a little girl….my mother bought me a “learn to knit” book, which I still own. try joining it’s a free knitting/crocheting community where you can find tons of patterns, inspiration and answers.
      enjoy that free motion!

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