Oilcloth dining chair re-do

File this one under “things I should have done months ago”. Jack had outgrown his high chair and had been sitting on a couple textbooks in an old dining chair with arms to boost him up to the table.  (Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature and The Riverside Chaucer if you were curious.) It was working well, but the pretty yellow upholstery fabric I covered the cushion with five years ago was taking a beating.


I had some cute oilcloth in my stash and had a light bulb moment when I was trying to mop up Jack’s chair for the thousandth time.

I took some in progress shots, but there are a billion chair tutorials on the internets, so I will spare you another. A week into having an oilcloth dining chair, though,  I am totally sold. It is so easy to clean up and it looks fresh as a daisy. Much better.






What are you working on these days? I have a pile of baprons (baby aprons, that is) to finish for some upcoming baby showers and a pile of jeans to mend, so I had better get to it. Happy Wednesday!


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