in the nick of time

last spring elizabeth and i sat down to plan our schedule for the year.  which designs we would be completing, which new ones to focus on, and when we thought they would be completed and ready to release.  we foolishly optimistically thought we could finish four designs and have them all released by early summer.  does “indian summer” count??  as weeks and months flew by the release date hopped around on the calendar, but i was determined to have them done before quilt market (which means our distributor will be able to share them with buyers!!).  mission accomplished!!  and just in the nick of time!

our two newest patterns….the cider house jacket

Web_2015_CiderHouseJacketPattern 1the cider house jacket is unlined, BUT…we finished off the seams with a hong kong seam finish, which makes the inside of this jacket absolutely as beautiful as the outside!

0X1B3245that’s by far my favorite detail on this jacket!!  it isn’t necessary, but it’s easy, doesn’t take much time and what a difference it makes to the final garment!  my second favorite detail is the back shaping, which extends down into the peplum.  very soon i’ll be sharing the version i made last week and a nifty little detail that really shows off that back seamline.


and the heigh-ho laptop sleeve.

Web_2015_Heigh-hoLaptopSleevePattern-1i’m not a fan of most commercial laptop sleeves…the neoprene leaves me cold.  and that’s how the heigh-ho came to be. it’s padded to protect, has a cool document pocket (doc pock??) on the back that will hold file folders, writing tablets, or magazines and on the front is an expandable pocket to hold flash drives, business cards, whatever you need to get the work done.  a place for your pen and it’s like you have a portable office!!

0X1B3375instructions are included for sizing the sleeve to fit different laptops…AND…we’ve included instructions for a matching wrap to wrangle those power cords.

you’ll see lots more of these two in the coming weeks as there are lots of pictures to share.  they are both now available in our etsy shop!!



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