presenting….the on the run bag!

finally!!  things never go quite as quickly as i feel they should, but after weeks months of waiting, testing, editing and sample making, the bag is now available!!  right now it’s only available as a downloadable pdf, but the print version will be available in the next 2 weeks or so.

so, without further ado, let me introduce you.

OntheRunBagFrontonlya classic style bag that’s quite the workhorse.  simple lines that allow you to personalize your bag with topstitching or great d-rings, with or without the button closure. “on the run” features a recessed zipper and plenty of pockets.  the pockets line both sides of the interior and can be sized to your own needs.  got a big phone?  make a bigger pocket.



one of my favorite samples is the leather/suede one i made using fabrics purchased on our trip to nyc.  it feels so “rich”

0X1B0959little feet help keep the bottom clean while adding just a bit more class, and the bottom is solid to keep it from sagging under the weight of everything we stash in our bags!

0X1B19370X1B1946and since there is interfacing involved, we’ve put together an interfacing guide to help take some of the fear out of choosing and using interfacing. just click on the link, or you can find it on our “tutorial” page.  to view the entire pattern, click on over to our “patterns” page.

Interfacing Guide8.5×11

coming up next is probably one of my favorite patterns….stay tuned!!



3 thoughts on “presenting….the on the run bag!

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