when life hands you lemons…squeeze!! introducing the lemon squeeze cardigan

i’m really excited about this next pattern, and i can’t wait to share it with you!!  i think this might be one of my favorite designs.  it flatters everyone, can be formal or casual, lends itself beautifully to many fabrics and can be worn year round.  win-win-win!!

and here it is….the Lemon Squeeze Cardigan


and that very same version that looks so classy on the cover looks just as great with a casual outfit.

Taylorfrom a wedding to a beach cover-up!

this is such a quick and easy cardigan, we’re talking less than an afternoon from start to finish!  even quicker if you use serger!!  from lace we move to wool…i love that i can wear this long into the fall and avoid that bulky winter coat for as long as possible.

0X1B3141from a skirt to jeans, and even over a dress.

0X1B3079.2there are two sleeve options.  the full length bell sleeve (oh, so graceful) and a shorter, 3/4 length (especially nice with a heavier fabric).  it’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s flirty and flowing.

0X1B3070these photo samples were made with a silky rayon, lace and a wool blend….anything that drapes and flows.  i’m seeing a double gauze in my future…and i already purchased another wool suiting for fall.  can i have too many?  i think not!

0X1B3146the entire neck/hem/sleeve can be finished with a simple rolled hem, but I prefer adding the facings.  which, by the way, can be sewn as shown, turning to the inside OR sewn so that they create a border on the outside (think contrast fabric!).

the PDF version is available right now in our etsy shop, and the print version will be along in about 2 weeks.

it’s easy-peasy….the lemon squeeze cardigan!!


thanks to our lovely, beautiful, graceful and fun models!!!  they endured one of the hottest days of the year and still look cool and fresh.  thanks taylor, mary and julie!!


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